Sam Jones

Sam Jones made his screen debut in Blake Edwards' comedy film 10 (1979). In 1980, he was cast in the iconic role of Flash Gordon in the cult classic of the same name, Flash Gordon (1980). A solid acting career in mostly television roles followed. Jones made a cameo as a version of himself in the comedy film Ted (2012). Autograph and photo rates as follows for Sam Jones - Autographs or a Selfie $40 each. Auto/Selfie Combo $60 each. Bulk Items are $40 each.

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Kathy Garver

Fondly remembered as “Firestar ” in  Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, TV’s Family Affair star, Kathy Garver, has garnered critical acclaim in movies, stage, radio, voice-over animation, video gaming and audiobook narration. She is an award-winning voice actress, with over 60 audiobooks and  5 animated series to her credit, including creating Storm in  The X Men Adventures and Ms America in  Spider-Man: The Animated Series.  She created the voice of Enyah for Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventures as well as the schoolgirls in the series and has lent her voice and talent to many video games including Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Inherit the Earth, Alcatraz, and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. Autograph and Photo rates as follows for Kathy Garver - Autographs with 8X10 photo $30 each. Autograph with personal item $25 each. Selfies $15 each.


Bai Ling

Bai Ling recognized for unbridled freedom and creativity, Bai Ling has become undoubtedly one of the world’s most diverse and captivating actresses.

Born in the city of Cheng Du in southern China, Bai Ling began her career at age of 14. She first gained the attention of audiences and critics alike when she won the coveted lead role opposite Richard Gere in Jon Avnet’s Red Corner (1997). While developing her remarkable facility with the English language, she has worked with such prestigious filmmakers as Oliver Stone in Nixon (1995), George Lucas in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005), Barry Sonnenfeld in Wild Wild West (1999), Spike Lee in She Hate Me (2004), Andy Tennant in Anna and the King (1999), Ang Lee in The Wedding Banquet (1993), Alex Proyas in The Crow (1994) and Luc Besson‘ in Taxi 3 (2003), in which she spoke French. She also starred in Terrence Malick‘s Broadway production of Sansho the Bailiff. She dazzled audiences with her portrayal of the sexy, mysterious Achara in the hit TV series Lost, and intrigued viewers with her seductive yet exhilarating role in HBO’s Entourage (2004). Autographs, photo rates for Bai Ling as follows - Autograph with 8X10 photo $40 each.  Selfie $30 each. Autograph/Selfie Combo $50 each. Ask Bai Ling about her exclusive $60 photo at her table.

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Cesar Garcia

Cesar Garcia is a Mexican-American actor/producer/writer  best known for his break out roles in Fast & Furious as Juvenal, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul as No-Doze. Cesar has also starred in many other TV series such as On My Block, Criminal Minds, Marvel’s The Runaways, NCIS Los Angeles, True Detective, Lopez,  Weeds and The Shield. To date, with over 60 credits to his name. He also performed his own stunts in 2009 in the fourth installment of Fast & Furious alongside the late Paul Walker. From starting out as an extra to now having lead and supporting roles in blockbuster films and hit television shows, the rest is history. Cesar is now one of the most sought out Latino actors in Hollywood. Autograph, photo rates for Cesar as follows - Autograph/Photo $20 each. Selfies $20 each.


Shayla Smith-Garcia

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Shayla Smith-Garcia is a published model & former actor. At a young age, Shayla knew she wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Starting out as a model at the age of 18, she was discovered by a local photographer walking to a local Blockbuster video store. Shayla set out to prove to herself that she could make it in "the biz". Soon after, Shayla booked her first local photo shoot and knew this was going to be her dream. At age 20, she made the front page of the local newspaper and was named 'Achiever of the Year' by Goodwill Industries of Tulsa and proved to her community and peers that if you set your mind to it you can be anything that you want to be.


She soon became a local celebrity, known for her ability and dedication to help others and became an advocate and motivational speaker for at-risk teen youth. She attended her first conference in 2006, one that is a well-known Lifetime movie called Homeless to Harvard: A Liz Murray Story. Both Shayla and Liz had a similar story growing up, one they wanted to share with the rest of the world. Shayla knew she wanted to be more than just a fashion model, but a role model. She became a spokesmodel for The Program LA, which was founded by her talent rep, Damian Love. She has used the tools and techniques that she learned throughout her coaching to network her talent and brand all over social media.


Nowadays, Shayla can be found living and pursuing her dreams in LA. Shayla has many credits to her name that include promotional modeling for many well-known names in the industry such as Bobby Valentino, Travis Porter, Omarion (B2K), Mannie Fresh, Curtis Young, and Pleasure P from Pretty Ricky. She has appeared on VH1’s Hip Hop Hollywood, worked alongside SISTER SISTER’s Marques Houston in a film now turned series, titled Howard High. Featured in music videos for artists such as D-Money and American Idol's Frankee Razor & most recently a music video with Yellowclaw feat. Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign & DJ Mustard. She has also worked in the studio with artists such as Wale and Black Cobain and has recorded numerous songs. She went on to do two collaborations with a local LA DJ, Leon Dagger. She was also named BEAUTY OF THE WEEK by New York's 'Bangout Radio Show' and by Los Angeles "Dagger Radio Show'.


Shayla is very big on networking and has made many friends throughout the entertainment industry. Her communication skills and desire to socialize have gotten her very far in her career. Shayla now owns and manages a talent agency, SRC Entertainment & Talent Group where she represents and books celebrities (tv & film actors & comic book artists) for comic cons and other public appearances/ meet & greets. Shayla recently got married to Hollywood actor, Cesar Garcia, greatly known for his roles in Fast & Furious and Breaking Bad (to name a few). Autographs and photo rate for Shayla is as follows - Autographs $10, and Selfies are FREE. 





Jorge Pacheco

Jorge Pacheco has been an artist since age 2, but a professional illustrator/comic book artist/cartoonist/children's book illustrator for 32 years, and a caricature artist for the past 15 years.

After graduating from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey in 1987, he has worked for most major Comic Book companies such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Archie Comics, Tokyopop, Warner Bros., IDW, and American Mythology, just to name a few.

He was Staff & Lead Artist for Harvey Entertainment & Comics and worked there from 1990 to 1995 where he illustrated characters such as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Baby Huey, Richie Rich, and many others. In his career, he worked on other famous licensed characters including Bullwinkle & Rocky, The Flintstones, Archie & Jughead & Jonny Quest, Laurel & Hardy, The Pink Panther, and many more.

In addition, he was employed as Lead Artist at JUNCO/Flamehead Clothing from 2002 to 2003. Other accomplishments include working briefly for Jim "Garfield" Davis, also teaching Basic Cartooning at UCLA for 2 semesters, and had his own syndicated strip, CEO Dad which ran in 12 major newspapers. Autograph Rates for Jorge Pacheco is as follows - Autographs are FREE.


Matt Brundage

Matt Brundage is a respected Art Instructor, illustrator, animator, sculptor and comic book artist which has seen him produce work for many of the major Western publishers including Marvel DC, Dark Horse Comics. He has illustrated iconic characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Star Wars, Judge Dredd Ren and Stimpy and the Simpsons amongst others. In addition, he works as an illustrator in book, record and magazine publishing and undertakes design and storyboarding work for multimedia and the entertainment industry and illustrated for movies like Chasing Amy, Astroesque, and Eyes to Heaven.


Matt also teaches in schools and colleges around the country. He works with charitable organizations and local authorities producing  Illustrations spotlighting issues such as children’s rights, drug abuse, homelessness, safe sex, and even proper foot care! Autograph Rates for Matt Brundage are as follows - Autographs are FREE.


Peter Secosh

Peter Secosh is an American graphic artist. He has worked on posters, board game logos, tattoos, and storyboards. He has also worked on various comic books over the years including The Bod, Doll and Creature, Elvira, Nocturnals: Troll Bridge, Vampirella, Soul Searchers, The Software that Held The Developer Captive, Out with a Bang,  Sucker. Peter also co-created Gem Star, Gem State Comic Con's mascot, and Idaho's own superhero. Autograph Rates for Peter Secosh are as follows - Autographs are FREE.


Jay "TOOFLESS" O'Leary

Jay "TOOFLESS" O'Leary is a Boise-based artist drawing sketchcards for Topps. A Garbage Pail Kids artist making masterpiece sketch cards for series Oh, The Horror-ibles, Return of the Horror-ibles, I Hate the 90's, Scratch and Stink, Late for School. Jay has also done Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Topps. He has self- published his own comics and sell his fine art. Jay has also come up with 5 series of his own cards. Come down and have Jay draw you into a 80's style bubble gum card and meet a local trying to become a gpk base card artist some day. Autograph Rates for Jay O'Leary are as follows - Autographs are FREE.

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Tobe Daranouvong

Tobe, pronounced “2 B” and not “toe bee,” co-creator and artist of Alpha Q Comics (Villain Comic), and artist of Sumo Geisha, has wanted to draw comics since he picked up Silver Surfer #1 for $1.50 off of Lunar’s orange ice cream truck when he was 9 years old and after seeing how awesome a ninja turtle could be drawn, he set his heart on art. He created his way through school getting a degree in graphic design and illustration as well as Film from Sac State. During a horrific accident his drawing pencil was fused to his hand and Tobe is now ready to bring this story to life. Autograph Rates for Tobe Daranouvong is as follows - Autographs are FREE.


Gem Star

Holly Call aka Gem Star is a licensed makeup artist, goofball, self-professed "beauty nerd," and daydream believer from Nampa, Idaho. She found that her passion for makeup artistry expanded into the magical and creative world of cosplay. She discovered that with a little imagination and a lot of love, you can transform into anyone you wish to become.

In her spare time she enjoys fun and silly moments with her family, reading anything she can get her eyes on, listening to music (especially EDM), watching Anime, playing tag with her cat Tiki, singing shanties with her parrots, snuggling her bunnies, taking long nature walks, and making an assortment of pretty things. Autographs for Gem Star are as follows - Autographs are FREE.


Len Anderson

Len Anderson grew up in Nampa hooked on watching Star Trek reruns. He graduated from the University of Idaho where he studied Video production and technical theater. During winter break 1989, Len and his friend Graham Crowe created a half hour stop-action Star Trek film using Star Trek and GI Joe action figures. The video can be seen on YouTube.

Years later in 2008, Len was minding his own business when he started to get approached regularly from people telling him how much he looked like Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark from Iron Man. After several weeks of flattery, he decided to watch Iron Man and realized what people said was possible. This was a crossroads in Len's life as he either needed to change his look and steer away form this publicity or embrace it full on. Len chose to embrace it.

This is when the love of costume-making and prop-making began for Len. In 2010 he found plans to build an Iron man suit (Mark VII) out of Pepakura paper modeling technique. This project took Len more than 9 months of work. L


Len has done cosplay as several other characters as well, including John Bender from The Breakfast Club, Heisenberg/Walter White from Breaking Bad, Will Turner from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and even Idaho’s own Senator Larry Craig. Len, however, always returns to his passion, Iron Man/Tony Stark.

Len also has an Iron Man-inspired Tesla (Instagram @EndGameTesla) that he completed getting pictures of in front of all 50 state capitals in 2020. On the drive he shared the word: "Be a Superhero - Wear a Mask!".

Superhero Cars


Iron Man Tesla

Captain America Car

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